A Bard At Belmont


Last Friday, 22ND March,  Belmont Lodge 7019 carried out the Passing ceremony of Bro. Ray Westall. The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro Bob Rough PSGD accompanied by an escort of five distinguished provincial officers were present. Brother Westall’s passIng to the second degree was marked by the collective efforts of the brethren, ensuring that every aspect of the ritual was performed with precision and ss the gavel struck to signal the close of the meeting it was clear that the night had been a resounding success, leaving all those in attendance inspired and looking forward to the continued growth of Belmont Lodge.

The evening transitioned into a joyous celebration at the festive board. There, amidst the clinking of glasses and the warm glow of camaraderie, we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. The company of our brethren and the visiting officers only heightened the experience. It was a fitting conclusion to a night dedicated to Masonic progression, where the bonds of brotherhood were strengthened over a shared meal and cherished memories were created.

At the festive board Bro. Janith recited a poem of his own creation:

Brethren all, in second degree,

A toast to our guests, with glee we decree.

In Fellowcraft’s journey, we found our stride, With plenty to share, and nothing to hide.

With the APGM and the escort in tow, We navigated our rites with a ceremonial flow.

Not perfect, but with earnest zest, We performed our duties, and hope we passed the test.

By a fall of water, an ear of corn,

In our lodge, new friendships are born.

United in Masonry’s guiding light,

Our visitors’ presence makes the night.

To visitors who have come by air, sea, and land, From Belmont Lodge, we extend our hand.

For joining us in unity and grace,

Your presence here, we truly embrace.

With the square, we’ve built our bond,

A plumb rule for friendships fond.

On the level, we’ve met and shared,

Your visit, brethren, shows how much you’ve cared.

So here’s a toast, with all due formality, To the fellowship that’s stronger than any normality.

For in this temple of brotherly love,

You fit right in, like a hand in a glove.

Now that’s we have dined at the festive board, It’s nearly time, to hit the road.

So may your travels be safe, and your burdens light.

And may your cable-tow, always be tight!


And on that note, Brethren, Good Night!

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