Artificial Intelligence In Middlesex

L to R: W. Bro Perry Roper – Lodge Secretary, Pierre du Bois (Paul Strickland Scanner Centre) and W. Bro John Hensley – Lodge Almoner.

Recently Ickenham St Giles Lodge No 6028 visited the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood. The Lodge regularly supports local charities and has become engrossed with the new technology that Artificial Intelligence (AI) software has played within the medical arena. This is very topical for Lodge members at present due to the number who will attend PSA testing at Harrow in July. This PSA test is to identify men at risk of developing Prostate Cancer.

The donation was made up from talks that W. Bro John Hensley PPrSGD, a member of the Lodge, has given about “The Origin of Time” and “The Role of the London Mayor” at the WESTINGHOUSE DINING CLUB at the UXBRIDGE MASONIC CENTRE.

The donation via the Masonic Charitable Foundation through the Lodge’s Relief Chest went to help fund groundbreaking cancer imaging software at the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre. A presentation was given a presentation by Professor Padhani about the advances AI has played in the accuracy and shorter time of diagnoses of cancers. With the new technology it is now possible to identify cancers in a matter of minutes and achieve 100% accuracy. Previous to this a radiologist would examine a scan which might not identify a tumour. The success rate of this was only about 75%. Professor Padhani is a leading expert in cancer imaging and in particular prostate cancer.

The Lodge is keen for further support and will be doing various other activities to support them and has given other donations previously. The award-winning centre operates as an independent medical charity, changing the lives of thousands of local families every year through expert diagnosis and monitoring of cancer, enabling effective treatment.

The Province has supported PSA testing at Harrow and Twickenham and a number of freemasons have been identified as having raised PSA levels. Several were subsequently referred to their GPs and received clinical treatments. There is no doubt that the new technology in the form of AI will save many, many lives.

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