Carnival Time For The Ambassadors

Shepperton Carnival Stand – 8th June

On 8th June the made their way to the Shepperton Carnival. Iain took the Gazebo and all the Equipment to the Provincial pitch, and everybody worked well as a team and had the gazebo up and ready in no time at all including setting up the display tables and leaflets. The  Shepperton Carnival location was very pleasant and it was a very enjoyable atmosphere. Although a fairly quiet day, the team did meet up with some brethren from the Province who came over to chat. Other visitors included members of the public and a few leaflets about freemasonry were on request.

Hanwell Carnival Stand – June 15th

The following week the team travelled to the Hanwell Carnival. The weather was slightly ominous, and the gazebo was set up quickly and as the sky was full of rain clouds which led to the occasional rain shower, the displays were kept under cover.

Once the Carnival Parade had entered Elthorne Park, the crowds started to arrive and despite the rain and showers the turnout was good. In the mid-afternoon, there was a storm, with a heavy downpour of hailstones, which forced the crowds to rush for cover.

Despite the inclement weather, which was a harbinger for the arrival of the British summer, there were 7 serious enquiries. The visitors were engaged in conversation and provided with leaflets to take home and read. Despite the cold winds, the hail storm and intermittent rain showers the day went pretty well

Later in the afternoon, the APGM W. Bro Warren Gel came to meet us and to see how it was going. He greeted the team to ice cream, which to now seems to becoming a tradition. Warren also assisted in engaging with visitors to the team Gazebo.

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