Currying Favour At Citadel Lodge

This report from W. Bro Justin Blacklaws.

On Thursday 23rd May, Citadel Lodge No 1897 welcomed friends and family to their LOI Recruitment Curry Night, an event designed to introduce prospective members to the Lodge. Held at the HDMC, the evening featured an engaging show and tell session led by W. Bro Lee Thompson, who provided insights into the Lodge’s history and activities. This “Show and Tell”, spoke about the Lodge’s history followed by a walk around the centre, showing the guest the Temples and the history cabinets and art. There was an explanation of Freemasonry but without giving it all away.

Following the presentation, attendees enjoyed a delicious meal at the Mumbai Junction Restaurant, Harrow, renowned for its exceptional Indian cuisine. The event was well-received, fostering a welcoming atmosphere and sparking an interest in some joining Citadel Lodge.

There were 7 guests and 2 requested joining forms the day after. This was the first time trying it out this kind of recruitment event. Another will be hosted in August as not all members with their guest were able to attend on this occasion.

Ed: This is a great initiative by the Brethren of Citadel Lodge and they are to be commended. Let’s wish them well and perhaps this might spur other Lodges to use a similar format

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