Embracing Age

MCF Donate £15000 to Middlesex charity
Photo courtesy of Embracing Age.

W Bro Alfie Buckland ProvGChStwd presents this report on a charitable donation to the Middlesex Charity “Embracing Age”.

Embracing Age, based at the ETNA Centre Twickenham, is a Christian charity working towards a world where older people are valued, connected and full of hope, by combatting loneliness, mobilising volunteers, equipping churches and speaking out.

The Charity supports older people, primarily living in Care Homes. 70-80% of the beneficiaries have dementia, and for those living in care, this may be their last place of residence. Residents are twice as likely to feel lonely compared to older people living in the community. They may not have family locally or at all, and some people they support are bedbound or face additional challenges as well as dementia. Embracing Age train and organise volunteer befrienders to offer companionship to those living in Care Homes. These volunteers will visit someone weekly, and the pair can take part in activities together, such as going for a walk, sensory activities, hand massages and being read to. They also connect Care Homes with other local groups, and there are other activities such as local craft groups knitting blankets and local children sending Christmas cards. The service has been successful, and they have a waiting list of people awaiting a befriender.

The Charity has stated that over the funding period, they will support 275 people, and a further 200 secondary beneficiaries. They receive positive feedback from the care home residents themselves, their family members and care home staff. For those with dementia, particularly for those with more advanced dementia, it can be difficult to measure long term impact. Volunteers however are able to see the difference made “in the moment” and the charity included a number of case studies and quotes that show this in their application for grant.

This is a remarkable charity and for those who have experienced caring for a family member with dementia will appreciate the need for this kind of support in the community.

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