Fortitude Favours The Food Bank

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A report on the charitable donation made by Fortitude Lodge No 6503 to Harrow Foodbank provided by W. Bro Peter Gledhill, Lodge Secretary.

“To mark the 21st Anniversary of the sale of the Princess Alexandra Home in Stanmore, which resulted in the founding of the MPRF, and with the support of the Pro Provincial Grand Master,
R W Bro Peter R A Baker, the Fund Committee had agreed to give each Lodge in the Province the opportunity to apply for a single grant of £500 to donate to a Middlesex charity of their choice.  The Committee expected that smaller Middlesex based Charities and Good Causes, for whom a donation of £500 would make a significant benefit, are supported by Lodges.

As the Charity Steward for Fortitude Lodge had resigned, the application had to be submitted by Friday 30th June 2023, which left us little time to put this into effect.

In view of the short time the Lodge had to apply, the Worshipful Master, W Bro Bob Blythe, duly proposed we could support the Harrow Foodbank, as a worthwhile and worthy cause, the objective being the prevention or relief of poverty in Harrow and surrounding areas in particular. This would enable the provision of emergency food supplies to individuals in need and to charities or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.

The Secretary, W Bro Peter Gledhill, duly arranged a visit and a cheque of £500 was presented on Friday 28th July.  A small deputation from Fortitude Lodge, comprised of W Bro Bob Blythe, W Bro Peter Gledhill and Bro Hamid Aqib were cordially met by Manda Long, a volunteer and the Project Manager, Chonde Nkowani, who gave the Lodge team a marvellous reception.  She described the whole operation in detail, and the daily problems facing the distribution and logistics of all items donated.”

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