From Bar Towel To Trowel


Lodges search far and wide for suitable candidates, but sometimes what you are looking for can be right under your nose. So, credit to Greenhill Lodge No 6981 which meets at Harrow, for gently persuading the centre’s food and beverage manager, Ed Smith, to join the Lodge, culminating in his being raised to the rank of a Master Mason earlier this year. Brother Ed also had the honour of being selected to parade the Lodge’s banner at the Provincial Annual General Meeting in May at Grand Lodge. Greenhill Lodge continues its search for talent and is due to raise another recent joiner, Brother Barry Tarrant, at its meeting in September – doubles all round!

Ed -The symbolism of the trowel as given in the headline extends to the idea of “spreading the cement of brotherly love,” emphasizing the need for unity, understanding, and mutual support among Freemasons. It reminds members to work together harmoniously, just as a skilled craftsman uses a trowel to ensure a solid and well-constructed structure.

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