Further Unity of Purpose

Members and guests of Lodge of Air Unity

On Wednesday 3rd April 2024 Lodge of Air Unity No 7445 were pleased to  perform a degree by request on behalf of Barra Hall Lodge No 8096. This was the occasion of the Raising of Brother Earl Palas who was Initiated into Barra Hall Lodge on 22nd October 2021 and subsequently Passed on 24th February 2023.

A previous article “Unity of Purpose” published in Mercury the two lodges have very close links as they both feed into the Chapter of Air Unity No 7445. Also, it is a rare meeting of either Craft Lodge that doesn’t welcome a visitor from the other. (see – https://middlesexfreemasons.org.uk/unity-of-purpose/)

Brother Earl was treated to a well executed ceremony by the Worshipful Master of Air Unity W. Bro Greg Easterbrook PPrJGD, who was ably assisted by W. Bro. Mike Arnold PPrGReg and also by W. Bro. Gordon Gregory PPrSGW, who gave an expert rendition of the Traditional History). Of the 10 Barra Hall members present two sang for their supper, so to speak, as W. Bro. Paul Bennett PPrGReg (Barra Hall’s DC) acted as SW and W. Bro. Brian Bolla (Barra Hall’s IPM) acted as SD.

In a rarely seen piece of ritual the visiting Grand Officer W. Bro Steve Heynes PGStB gave an exemplary rendition of the 3rd Degree Walking Charge to add to an already wonderful occasion.

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