Lodge Mentor


The principle duties of a Lodge Mentor are to promote, coordinate and monitor all of the mentoring activities with his lodge and to ensure that a Personal Mentor is appointed to every candidate.

To undertake this vital and key role within the lodge, he must:

  • Be fully aware of the Mentoring process and its objectives.
  • Ensure that all members are aware of the aims and objectives of mentoring and the potential benefits it will bring to the lodge.
  • This could be achieved by delivering, or arranging for, a short paper on Mentoring to be presented in open lodge, followed by giving the occasional Lodge Mentors’ Report on activities and progress.
  • Be involved from the early stages of a candidate’s application process.
  • Identify potential mentors and ensure that they attend any training seminars or workshops that are available.
  • Match the right personal mentor, which may include his proposer or seconder, to every candidate and closely monitor their relationship.
  • Ensure that candidates masonic aspirations together with their family, work and social commitments are balanced against the needs of the lodge.
  • Ensure that past masters and mature members feel included.
  • Ensure that all candidates, personal mentors and lodge members are provided with the appropriate booklets/leaflets and access to any relevant on-line information.

Most importantly he must provide the opportunity for every member to make “a regular advancement in masonic enjoyment”.

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