Middlesex Cares

A brand-new project was launched at the PGO Club meeting on 26th March 2024. This project is driven by our R.W. Bro. David Allan, ProProvGM with the assistance from W. Bro. Ian Ferguson, APGM and W. Bro. Ivan Chu, ProvGAlm who had examined the various areas where we could make further improvements, hence designing the Seven Pillars as below.

Each pillar has a coordinator who is responsible for the elements and to make plans for their implementation. They will examine the current systems and if they exist already, determine how this could be improved. In the course of doing so, they will.

  • Organise Training/ Coaching sessions inviting external providers as appropriate.
  • Communicate with you on details both electronically and by posters on notice boards.
  • Set up new events.
  • Make suggestions to the province on new initiatives.
  • Collaborate closely with relevant stakeholders e.g. the communication team, centre executive teams, charity organisations and any other interested parties.

The main purpose of this project is to offer you and your family a range of benefits which will make the life of a Freemason even more interesting, recognisable, and rewarding. We would like you to feel that Freemasonry is not just about learning rituals and having dinners with your brothers, but we also want your family and even friends to feel that they could be part of it too.

Through our discussions, we have found this project motivating and indeed invigorating. We hope that you feel the same way and work with us in making this a success.

If you have a view on this subject, please feel free to contact us on middlesex.cares@pglm.org.uk or call Ivan Chu at 07762 753911.

Ian Ferguson and Ivan Chu, March 2024

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