Aspiration And Realisation – Making Things Happen


A later than wished for report on a very special meeting at Lodge of Aspiration.

The Regular and Installation meeting of the Lodge of Aspiration No 6086 held on Monday 13th March was anything but ‘regular’. After the Lodge was opened, the Brethren stood to order in respect of the Lodge Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. David Mordish PPrJGW, who had passed away suddenly in February 2023.

The Meeting was special for a several reasons. Firstly, a visit from W. Bro Jim Mitchell PSGD APGM to a Lodge since becoming Deputy Provincial Grand Master designate. Possibly, a first and he was greeted with great acclaim.

The WM W. Bro Alan Tibber was then Proclaimed as Master for another year.

Secondly, there was a triple Passing of Brothers Boulanger, Ebigbo and Hopkins. This must surely be a special event, rarely, if ever, witnessed in Middlesex which was a unique moment for the Lodge and performed faultlessly by those participating in the ritual.

Thirdly, W. Bro Jim Mitchell had great pleasure in presenting 60-year Certificates to two Lodge Brethren: Brother Lloyd Groves and W. Bro Malcolm Feiger PPrJGW who between them have over 120 years of service to Middlesex masonry. They were invited to talk about their long masonic journeys.

Finally, If this wasn’t enough, the Lodge Secretary read out the names of two prospective candidates: certainly, icing on the cake and indicative of the aspirations of the Lodge of Aspiration.

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