Marking A Masonic Milestone


Cedars of Lebanon Chapter at 100

Middlesex, October 28th, 2023 – The Cedars of Lebanon Chapter No 4317 recently marked a significant milestone, celebrating 100 years since its establishment. This remarkable centenary, commemorating the Chapter’s establishment on March 2nd, 1923 and its consecration on June 7th, 1923 at the Albany Hotel in Twickenham, was observed with a special Convocation event.

In a blend of historical reverence and contemporary excitement, the highlight of the celebration was the Exaltation of Bro. Andrew Lloyd. This significant event was further enhanced by the presence of the Grand Superintendent E. Comp. David Allan, making his inaugural official visit in his Royal Arch capacity. The attendance of numerous esteemed Provincial Officers, including E. Comp. Mark Millard, who played a pivotal role in coordinating the events, and an escort of 6 Companions, brought the total number of attendees to an impressive 54 Companions.

The Convocation, however, experienced an unexpected turn when E. Comp. Gary Skinner, originally slated to perform the Exaltation, was unfortunately sidelined due to Covid. In a remarkable display of adaptability, E.Comp. Silverio Ostrowski, MEZ, stepped in at the last moment to fill the role.

Adding to the historical ambiance of the celebration, E. Comp. Howard Hughes delivered a captivating oration. His speech skilfully intertwined notable events from 1923 with fascinating snippets from the Chapter’s history, such as the original joining fee of 1 guinea (£1. 1s. 0d, or £1.05p in today’s money) and the wartime necessity for members to depart early from convocations to comply with blackout regulations.

The event concluded with a specially curated Festive Board menu, rounding off what was unanimously described as an immensely enjoyable occasion. This centenary celebration not only commemorated the past century of the Cedars of Lebanon Chapter but also set a precedent for the vitality and camaraderie that continues to define its essence.

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