Masonic Engagement In The Community

Under our Middlesex Cares initiative, we are taking steps to forge deeper links with our communities and one of the ways we are seeking to do this is through engagement with youth groups including but not limited to: The Boys Bridge, Scouts, Girl Guides, Brownies and Sea Cadets.

In this regard we have already identified approximately 70-80 Scouts groups supported by 2 regional units in the area surrounding our Uxbridge and Harrow Centres. Typically, when the Scouts are in need of support Freemasons are a key source of support and in our Middlesex ranks we have Peter Swatton and a number of others who are both established Masons and local Scout leaders.

Through our initiative we’d like to see each one of the Scout groups aligned to a particular lodge in the Province. This ‘twinning’ will enable the Lodge itself to have a direct outreach and engagement to the local community at a youth level, but also enables the unit itself to reach out to their respective Lodge for support in times of need. It goes without saying that with so many challenges facing our youngsters in this day and age, it’s fantastic that the Scouts can provide a safe and positive environment for them to hone their skills, just as a Mason takes the rough Ashlar from the quarry and with the ingenuity of the workmen it is modelled, wrought into due form and rendered fit for the intended structure.  As stated in the explanation of the First-Degree Tracing Board this represents man in his infant or primitive state, rough and unpolished as that stone, until, by the care and attention of his parents or guardians (& Scouts etc.), in giving him a liberal and virtuous education, his mind becomes cultivated, and he is thereby rendered a fit member of civilised society.

Some of these local Scouts will be supporting our Family Fun Day on the 6th July with a tug of war and we hope to involve them more in the future whenever we hold similar events.

The purpose of this mail is to reach out to the members of each Uxbridge and Harrow based Lodges to request for you to discuss in your general-purpose committees the possibility of being twinned with a local scout group. It is worth pointing out that not every Scout unit is in need of funds and the concept is primarily of community engagement at grass roots level.

Middlesex is leading the way in this initiative and with your positive engagement we will be able to roll out this model to both Southgate and Twickenham, but more importantly, this is likely to be picked up and mirrored in other Provinces. Not only will this show Freemasonry in a positive light generally, it will also showcase Freemasonry to the next generations in our communities. There is certainly nothing particularly onerous which might give rise to concerns for any individual Lodge, but on the flip side there are many positives.

To this end I look forward to receiving your positive feedback so we can begin the process of connecting and integrating the units of both sides . Many thanks in advance for your prompt response.

Please respond by email to W.Bro Martin Burt PProvJGW on email

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