Masonic Exhibitionists


A report on the Ickenham Christmas Festival 2023

Ickenham Village has a week-long Festival every two years in June, which has been attended by the Middlesex Exhibition Team since 2008.

In recent years a Christmas Festival has also been held in the village on a Friday night in December, comprising late night shops, churches open for displays and music and street food along the High Street.  At the centre, the Village Hall is open with a flood of people inching their way past stalls bearing Christmas gifts, flower displays and charity representations.  Middlesex Freemasonry was represented by one of the latter category stalls.

Backed by the Ickenham Lodge Banner, (which depicts the local St Giles Church and the Village Pump), information and brochures about Freemasonry were available on the stall which was manned by W Bros Roy Vollrath of Ickenham Lodge No 5770 and Mike Emmett of Lodge of Air Unity No 7445.  A small pile of TLC teddies was also on display.

The two Brethren manning the stand answered many questions from passers-by who due to the crowded hall had to move past very slowly. They were also able to have welcome contact with several other Masons, including a 3-time Lady WM from the Order of Womens’ Freemasonry (OW) and her husband, a Middlesex Mason.

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