Memorable May Meeting

This report from W. Bro David North PPrSGD.

On the 24th of May 2024 the brethren of the Royal Hanover Lodge No 1777 prepared to hold yet another special occasion, the first white table event. As the clock struck 4:30 pm, the Lodge doors were ceremoniously closed, and the meeting commenced. The room was filled with a sense of a great evening ahead.

Before the business of the meeting got underway, an unexpected alarm at the door of the Temple created some additional suspense, signalling a surprise visit. The Past Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Frankie Whelan-Mellor entered announcing the presence of the Pro Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother David Allan, who was without and demanded admission, to the total surprise of everyone in the Temple, except for those few in the know.

Upon entering the Lodge to a hearty round of applause, RW Bro David Allan took the chair of King Solomon. He then shared heartfelt memories, noting that Royal Hanover Lodge was the first Lodge he visited after his initiation into Freemasonry many years ago. He then acknowledged the invaluable support provided by members of the Province, particularly highlighting the technological contributions of W Bro David North. In recognition of his service, W Bro David North was awarded his 1st appointment to the rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon. The room echoed with applause as RW Pro Provincial Grand Master presented him with the badge, collar and jewel of his new rank. Afterward, RW Bro David Allan returned the gavel to W Bro Phil Malins and then retired from the Lodge to a warm round of further applause.

 Worshipful Brother Phil Malins then carried out the ceremony of Passing for Bro Darius Apanasikas, who had been initiated earlier in the year on the 26th of January. He answered the questions leading from the first to the second degree very well, much to the pleasure of the brethren present.

The ceremony was executed with precision and solemnity. The Inner Guard, Bro Hani Rifai, explained the 2nd Degree working tools perfectly, and W Bro Lawrie Hawkins presented the 2nd Degree Tracing Board, with many of the brethren and guests joining in around the tracing board, enriching the ceremony.

Bro Darius has been a regular to LOI and is getting into his stride now and enjoying his masonic journey.

Honorary Membership

The next order of business was a ballot for the Honorary Membership of W Bro John Leggett PSGD PAPGM who until two weeks prior had been the Lodge’s group leader for the last five years. Having recently stepped down as Assistant Provincial Grand Master on the 14th of May, his contributions were fresh in everyone’s mind. W. Bro John was invited to respond and was surprised with a “This Is Your Life” style presentation. Two chairs were placed facing each other, with W Bro Mike Ross PAGDC PProvGReg PProvGSec taking one seat and W Bro John taking the other, recreating his signature style when presenting Long Service Award Certificates. He was then presented with a framed certificate, commemorating his Honorary Membership. The moment was both touching, fun and celebratory.

A Masonic Wayfarer

During the meeting, another special guest was welcomed: W Bro Robert Bamberger. W Bro Bamberger has undertaken a remarkable journey, visiting a Lodge in every Province within England and Wales to create a visitor log of his travels. His efforts are in support of the Suffolk Festival 2029, a significant charitable initiative currently underway. His journey is not just about the physical act of visiting each Lodge but also about fostering unity and brotherhood among the Masonic community.

W Bro Bamberger’s visit to the Royal Hanover Lodge was a notable milestone in his journey. He expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and the opportunity to be part of such a memorable meeting. The brethren were inspired by his enthusiasm.

The Brethren with Partners and Ladies

As the formal meeting concluded, the atmosphere transitioned to one of inclusivity and celebration. Members remained in their seats and regalia as the Lodge opened its doors to partners and guests. W Bro Hugh Saville then led an engaging walking tour, sharing the rich history of the Royal Hanover Lodge, its connections to past Royal Families and the workings of the officers and members of the Lodge. His talk was a delightful blend of education and storytelling, captivating everyone present.

The White Table Event

After a memorable group photograph, everyone moved to the bar for well-deserved refreshments, reflecting on the day’s events. By 7:30 pm, the guests were called to the White Table event. The dining hall was beautifully arranged, and the ambiance was warm and inviting with 61 members and guests in attendance. Conversations flowed easily, laughter echoed, and the bonds of friendship and brotherhood were strengthened over a delightful meal.

The meeting at Cole Court on the 24th of May was more than just a series of rituals and ceremonies. It was a celebration of achievements, a reflection on service, and a moment to honour those who have dedicated themselves to the Lodge. It was a night that reminded everyone present of the values of Freemasonry: fraternity, charity, and truth. As the evening drew to a close, the brethren and their guests left with full hearts, cherishing the memories of a truly special day.

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