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A Farewell To Ruislip Priory Lodge.

One can be sure that those who attended the final meeting of Ruislip Priory Lodge No 7290 will have felt a deep regret at the Closure of a Lodge with many years of history having been consecrated in September 1953. 70 years of masonic service with associated memories of those who formed its ranks; brethren who have passed to higher service and others who formed the last outpost who were witnessing its last formal masonic rites. These are difficult moments but must be celebrated in a way that will showcase the achievements of the Lodge and its membership over a long number of years.

The Lodge met at Hercies Road, Uxbridge having originally met in an old church in Uxbridge and in the early 1990s held their LOIs at Denham Village Hall which on the same night hosted a dance class. With the sound of gavels coming from the adjoining LOI room it did raise some curiosity from the dancers.

Time takes its toll and as freemasonry evolves and membership changes from those young gallants who were the heroes of a bygone age when Lodges blossomed and prospered to become the older generation, there comes a time when it is time to take stock and make decisions. Regrettably, that time came and on Monday 27th November 2023 Ruislip Priory Lodge met for the last time.

However, it had been decided that the Lodge would go out with a bang and a white table was held where 50 people attended including members, their wives and partners along with other masonic and non-masonic guests. The APGM W. Bro Ian Ferguson PAGStdB, who received the warrant from the Worshipful Master at the conclusion of the meeting, also attended along with his Escorting Team. Some Lodge members had to travel long distances including from France and the United States of America.

A short while ago Grand Lodge outlined its plan for growth. It says, “The current strategy was formed in 2022 under the Pro Grand Master’s leadership to develop our approach for the next seven-year period. So why do we need one? While most major organisations have a public strategy, we can assure you this is not a tick-the-box exercise or to follow some trend or fad. Our aim is simple: to cement our reputation as a force for good in our communities and society at large, and as a thriving organisation with people aspiring to join us.

Freemasonry has been an important part of the development of our society for more than 300 years. The impact of our charitable efforts and member contributions cannot be overestimated. The full web article can be found here –

For Ruislip Priory Lodge and its members, the journey is over, but the Lodge will never be forgotten and will take a place in the annals of freemasonry  where it will be remembered until time shall be no more.

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