Pearl Of Great Price

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On the 17th July 2023 in a heartwarming display of charity and community spirit Pearl of Africa Lodge No 9052 presented a generous cheque of £4000 to Ms. Nikita Raval, a representative from St Luke’s Hospice, Harrow. This heartfelt gesture underscores the Lodge’s dedication to supporting local causes and making a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Those attending from the Lodge were W. Bros Kunal Vyas PPrAGDC, Harishchandra Umradia PPrGSuptWks and Sushil Radia PAGDC.

The Lodge has a longstanding reputation for its philanthropic endeavors and like many others is rooted in the principles of service to the community. With a rich history of charitable contributions, they have consistently played an essential role in uplifting these communities by financial support.

The £4000 donation to St Luke’s Hospice will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the organization’s ability to provide care and support to individuals with life-limiting illnesses. These funds will be channelled towards various programmes and services offered by the hospice, including palliative care, counselling, and respite care for patients and their families allowing a continuation of their invaluable work and extending their services in a broader context. The ripple effect of this donation is far-reaching, as it not only benefits St Luke’s Hospice but also touches the lives of countless individuals who rely on the compassionate care provided by its dedicated staff. It highlights the importance of community support and the power of collective efforts to make a difference.

Once again, this donation serves as a shining example of freemasonry in the community.

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