Provincial Charity Awareness Committee


PCAC continues to support requests for charitable giving from the Province’s Charities, Middlesex Masonic Charity (MMC) and Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF).

Role of PCAC

PCAC is available throughout the 2020 Festival period to assist Charity Stewards of Lodges and Chapters retain their charitable contacts outside of Freemasonry by ensuring the Provincial Charities, Middlesex Masonic Charity (formerly known as MPMCT, “the Trust”) and the Middlesex Province Relief Fund provide grants for local charities not associated with the 2020 Festival.

How can PCAC help ?

PCAC administers a Universal Application Form which enables any member of the Province to submit the briefest details of a Charity to which his Masonic Unit would like to make a donation. PCAC will then determine which Charitable Fund may provide the best response and liaise with the applicant to ensure their request goes forward for consideration by the Trustees.

The Universal Application Form may be downloaded using the following links:

– PCAC Application Form in PDF format

– PCAC Application Form in Word format

The general rules are that the Charity should operate in the Old Middlesex County area. Whilst many are locally based charities they may also be a local branch of a National Charity. Any grant is usually for capital purchases, not running costs and the Charity should not have received a grant for the previous three years. Grants for personal cases should always be submitted to the Provincial Almoner.

It should be noted that both funds have rules governing their making a grant and the final decision rests solely with the Trustees.

What funds are available ?

MPRF and MMC have funds available to make significant grants, often far more than a Masonic unit could collect thus securing a substantial advantage to the Charity in question.

What can you do ?

Whilst your Lodge or Chapter’s charitable giving remains firmly focussed on the 2020 Festival, try to identify suitable Middlesex-based charities who would benefit from a grant. Your Charity Steward or Centre Charity Chairman may be able to point you in the right direction. Find out what resources the charity needs and submit a form to PCAC via the Secretary.

Contacts for the Provincial Charity Awareness Committee

The following are members of PCAC and would welcome an approach on the workings of the Provincial Charities through the Secretary.



Deputy Chairman


Committee Member



W. Bro. Paul Sully


W. Bro. Sam Baqui

Tel: 07985 – 050020

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