QC’s at ICC


A significant delegation of Middlesex Freemasons, led by the Pro Provincial Grand Master, Peter Baker, embarked on a historic journey to Wales. This marked the first occasion in nearly eight decades that the United Grand Lodge Quarterly Communications had taken place outside the hallowed halls of London.

The excitement and anticipation were palpable as over 1100 enthusiastic Masons from across the United Kingdom and from overseas gathered at the prestigious International Conference Centre at Celtic Manor, Newport. The theatre-style auditorium was brimming with eager faces, ready to witness this momentous occasion. Pro Grand Master Jonathan Spence presided lending an air of grandeur to the event.

Highlights of the day were the enlightening speeches delivered by three members of Welsh Lodges that had achieved remarkable success in expanding their memberships through the innovative Members’ Pathway. Their insights left a lasting impression, inspiring those Freemasons visiting from various Provinces and Districts.

As the day drew to a close, the auditorium reverberated with the harmonious notes of both the Welsh and United Kingdom National Anthems. This heartfelt rendition served as a unifying moment, symbolizing the unity and camaraderie shared by the 1100 attendees.

The camaraderie extended to the adjoining hall, where all 1100 members gathered for a sumptuous dinner, capping off a memorable and historic day in the annals of Freemasonry. The event in Wales not only bridged geographical gaps but also showcased the enduring spirit of unity and growth within the Masonic community.

Pro Grand Master’s Address

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