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The Brethren of St John's Lodge No 434: Bro Ali Aybakar is fourth from right in the front row. The Brethren of St John’s Lodge No 434: Bro Ali Aybakar is fourth from right in the front row.

A Middlesex Mason in Madras

Bro Ali Aybakar is a Master Mason and was appointed this year as Junior Deacon of the Harrow Temple in Unity Lodge No 1310. Originally from Somalia he is a frequent visitor there where he is very active in charitable work amongst young men in attempting to safeguard them from the unwelcome attention of crime organisations. See his charitable endeavours by clicking the link.

Ali is currently in Hyderabad, India, accompanying his Somalian sister whilst she receives medical treatment.  While there, his enquiring mind led him into checking Freemasonry in the region.  His Mother Lodge at Harrow, Provincial Grand Lodge and UGLE have all assisted to help put him in touch with the District Grand Lodge of Madras and local Lodges.  He attended his first Lodge meeting on 2nd August at St John’s Lodge No 434 and has provided the following report on his visit.

“The Lodge performed a ceremony of double passing with amazing ritual amidst a very friendly atmosphere.  The room was richly adorned with Masonic symbols and regalia.

The ceremony began with a dignified procession, led by the Worshipful Master, followed by the officers and members of the Lodge.  As the ritual unfolded, the room was filled with the melodious sounds of Masonic music.  The officiating officers, with their solemn voices, recited the ancient texts and performed the symbolic gestures that held deep meaning within the Masonic tradition.

Throughout the ceremony, there was a palpable sense of unity and brotherhood. The members of the Lodge supported and encouraged one another, creating an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. These bonds were evident in the genuine smiles and warm embraces shared among the members.

As the ceremony concluded, the room erupted in applause and congratulations. The newly Passed brothers were welcomed into the fold with open arms and sincere good wishes. It was a moment of celebration and pride for both the candidates and the members of the Lodge.

The amazing ritual and the friendly atmosphere at St John’s Lodge will forever be cherished by those in attendance. It was a testament to the bonds of brotherhood and the shared values that unite Freemasons around the world.

The accompanying photograph was taken without regalia to obviate the need for a dispensation from District Grand Lodge.


This report has been provided by W. Bro David Pearson PAGDC PProvGSec

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