Shakespearean Soiree at Temple of Uxbridge

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Hear ye, hear ye! Gather ’round, for the tale of the grand affair at the Temple of Uxbridge Lodge No 7660 Ladies Festival 2024, where merriment and revelry filled the air at the splendid Ladies Festival weekend held at the illustrious Stratford Manor Hotel. With a hearty gathering of 112 esteemed members and guests, two nights of luxurious spa treatment and hotel delights awaited all.

Nestled just beyond the bounds of Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of the legendary William Shakespeare, our merry band embarked on a journey of leisure and joy. On the eve of Friday, 96 souls partook in a jovial informal dinner, followed by spirited dancing to the beats of a lively disco.

Come Saturday, it was a day of gallivanting and exploring! Our brave adventurers ventured forth to the town centre and local attractions, seeking treasures and tales to share. As twilight descended, we gathered for photographs and pre-dinner libations in the hotel’s cozy bar, preparing ourselves for the grand event that awaited.

And what a banquet it was. Clad in our finest black tie attire, we honoured our esteemed Lodge President, W. Bro. Reg Austin, and his Lady Moira, with a sumptuous feast, accompanied by flowing wine and jovial camaraderie. Amidst the laughter and cheer, we raised a grand sum of £1500 for our chosen charity, spreading goodwill and mirth throughout the land.

Guiding us through the evening’s festivities was none other than W. Bro. Kevin Ogilvie of Harefield Lodge, our esteemed Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. But the true highlight of the night was the enchanting performance by the one and only Mr. Motown himself, Bro. Jean Claud of Temple of Uxbridge Lodge. With his soulful melodies and infectious energy, he kept the dance floor alight well into the wee hours, ensuring that joy abounded and spirits soared.

As the night drew to a close, we joined hands for a rollicking hokey cokey and a rousing chorus of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow,” lifting our esteemed President high upon our shoulders in a jubilant display of brotherhood and friendship. And so, with hearts full and memories to cherish, we bid adieu to the Temple of Uxbridge Lodge Ladies Festival for 2024, knowing that in our revelry, we honoured not only our past, but also the spirit of Shakespeare himself, whose words and wit shall forever inspire our merry gatherings.

W. Bro. Pete Swatton, Festival Secretary.

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