Lodge History

Temple of Athene

Consecrated in June, 1994 Temple of Athene Lodge, No. 9541, is the Research Lodge of the Province of Middlesex.

Its objects are to study and research Freemasonry and its historical connections, to provide a forum for Masonic debate and discussion, and to stimulate Masonic interest and education principally through the provision of lectures and research papers.

The Lodge meets four times each year with the minimum of Masonic ritual.

At each meeting a research paper is usually presented to the Lodge, which is followed by discussion both in Lodge and over dinner.

The Lodge is open to Members and their guests, to Members of the Lodge’s “Correspondence Circle”, and to any Master Mason who wishes to visit.

The Temple of Athene Lodge also provides lecturers for other lodges within the Province of Middlesex and elsewhere.

The Warrant of the Lodge was granted by the MW The Grand Master in December, 1993. The Lodge was sponsored by The Lodge of Harmony, No. 255, the oldest lodge in the Province of Middlesex.

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