The Adelphi Gathering


Sounding like a Clan gathering somewhere in Scotland, this was a meeting of VOs who participated in an Adelphi training session at Cole Court. Oh, that it might have been the Highlands or the Islands. Twickenham it was.

David North, Leader, Training host and all-round tech Guru presents this report from that event.

“On a cool Saturday morning on 22nd July, the quiet halls of Cole Court resonated with the sound of Visitor Officers (VOs) and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters (APGMs) from the Province of Middlesex assembling for a planned Adelphi training session, reflecting the demands of an ever-busy organisation. The Provincial Office had committed to running this course annually, or biannually, depending on the needs and the influx of newly appointed VOs. This year’s session was well attended, with 18 members gathering, all ready to use Adelphi to help run the Province, scheduled to begin at 10 am sharp.

Upon arrival, attendees were greeted with the comforting aroma of fresh coffee and tea. In a delightful twist, Danish pastries from Costco were laid out, a surprising and much-appreciated touch that added a dash of indulgence to the proceedings.

The course was designed to provide a comprehensive guide to navigating Adelphi. W. Bro David North guided the assembly through the system’s more advanced features, shedding light on crucial aspects such as Members’ records and Lodge/Chapter records. The training was no mere overview but an in-depth exploration, delving into extensive reporting features that would prove invaluable in daily operations.

The concluding segment of the course featured a hearty Q&A session. The final touch was an enlightening update on Hermes, looking ahead to the future where Hermes will continue its rollout to other Provinces and Districts. The session concluded not just with a better understanding of the tools at hand, but with a reinforced sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Thus, the day at Cole Court became not merely a training session but a celebration of shared values, commitment to excellence, and the joy of lifelong learning within the esteemed circles of the Province of Middlesex”.

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