The Music Makers

Hans Christian Anderson once said, ‘when words fail, music speaks’. It’s no fairytale to suggest that he could have had the work of the Otakar Kraus Music Trust in mind, a charity dedicated to musical therapy, particularly those with communication difficulties. The Trust is supported by Round Table Chapter of Middlesex No. 8301, with Z Nigel Young recently presenting a cheque for £250 to the Trust’s CEO Clare Lawrence.

Based in Hampton, Middlesex, the Trust provides one-to-one and small group music therapy for people of all ages who have physical, learning, psychological or neurological difficulties, and is an NHS approved psychological therapy. The Charity’s Mission is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable music therapy, helping to improve their quality of life through creative and participatory music making.  They provide over 3,500 individual and group music sessions for 500 people of all ages from toddlers to the elderly.

“I’ve seen the performances of the OK Music School and they played with such gusto and joy, it was a delight for those of us watching! Like so many small charities, the Trust needs more help to continue and extend the work it does. It would be great if other Lodges and Chapters were to support their efforts” said Jack Maunders, Scribe E of Round Table Chapter.

The Trust’s website is:; social media on

Ed: A thanks to Worshipful Brother Ian Mitchell PProvSGD  Media Team Member for the edit.

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