The Royal Order of Scotland


The Royal Order of Scotland is an ancient Christian Order in Freemasonry. It is based in Scotland with its own Grand Lodge in Edinburgh, and has provinces all round the world – including Middlesex. Many of our members naturally live in or near Middlesex, but we also have members who live further away.

Our only qualification for membership, apart from acknowledgement of Christianity, is that you are five years a Master Mason. We meet at the Harrow Centre on the first Saturday in February, the second Saturday in May and the first Saturday in November. We usually start at 10:30 (sometimes 10:00), with lunch to follow.

The ceremony by which you join the Order is astonishingly interesting and beautiful. It really is like nothing else you will have experienced elsewhere in masonry. You emerge as a fully-fledged Knight of the Rosy Cross of the Royal Order of Scotland.

Our current Provincial Grand Master is Bro Keith Evans. He was installed at Harrow in 2023 by the Deputy Grand Master and Governor of the Order, Bro Ewan Rutherford. Keith is second from the right and Ewan second from the left in the photograph. On the left is Bro Doug Hopton and on the right Bro Rhys Madoc, respectively the Deputy and the Substitute Provincial Grand Masters of Middlesex in the Order.

The Grand Lodge of the Royal Order has a website at This carries general information on public access. There is of course also a restricted-access section for members only.

The Provincial Grand Secretary of the Royal Order Province of Middlesex is Bro Barrie Harding. You can contact him at He will be pleased to hear from you and to give you further information, without spoiling your experience of the ceremony and of joining us if you do decide to do so.


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