Turning Used Stamps into Charity Gold


In a world that often measures impact in numbers, the adage “One volunteer is worth a hundred pressed men” holds true for W. Bro. Paul Doran, PProvAGSwdB, a member of Parthenon Lodge No. 7310, a dedicated individual making a difference in an unconventional way. Paul has enthusiastically taken on the task of organising the collection of used stamps at each of our Middlesex Masonic Centres, showcasing the transformative power of a single volunteer’s commitment.

Paul’s initiative is both ingenious and impactful. Many charities readily accept used stamps, which are subsequently sold by weight. With most charities earning around £20 per kilogram of stamps, this simple practice becomes an efficient means for organisations to raise funds from what would otherwise be discarded. In Paul’s own words, “Simply tear around the stamp being careful not to damage the stamp.”

To streamline the process, Paul suggests repurposing the ink cartridge collection boxes already present at each Masonic Centre. These boxes can serve as repositories for the collected stamps, and when filled, they can be sent off in bulk. This not only maximises the fundraising potential for charities but also underscores the importance of repurposing existing resources for a greater cause.

Paul’s initiative extends beyond traditional charity work, emphasising the value of every individual’s contribution, no matter how seemingly small. By turning a routine activity into a charitable endeavour, he exemplifies the principle that one person’s commitment can indeed be worth a hundredfold. In essence, Paul’s stamp of volunteerism is leaving an indelible mark on our Masonic Centres and the charitable causes we support.

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