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Want to Practice Ritual?

Need an LOI?

Twickenham Lodge No 4278 run a regular Emulation Lodge of Instruction every Thursday at TDMC, Cole Court, Twickenham at 8pm. With the sanction of Middlesex Province the LOI doors is open to anyone who is looking to practice, learn and discuss ritual. Whether you are new to the Craft or an old hand looking to revive a half-forgotten skill, you will be welcome.

Historically, Twickenham Lodge has been noted for a high standard of ritual but has never lost sight of the need to have fun whilst practicing. So, the atmosphere, although focused on work, is relaxed and laced with humour. The aim is to encourage brethren to learn, practice and question followed by a drink at the bar.

It is  intended, at present, to have a flexible schedule, which will enable the Lodge to address the requirements of its own masonic calendar but also take into account requests to practice a certain degree for those who wish to target specific parts of ritual such as the Grand Lodge Certificate, Charge after Initiation, 2nd degree Tracing Board, Inner Workings at Installation etc.

If Emulation is not your ritual then it is possible to brethren who use other workings Nobody is excluded..

Contact the Twickenham Lodge Preceptor, W. Bro. Stuart Lochtie to have a chat and see what we can do for you.

Mobile: 07788894428



Note. The Open Doors policy will start on the first Thursday of April 2024 and will be weekly thereafter.

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