Where Can I Get Form F?

This fox was seen recently at Cole Court, Twickenham and was not abashed it seems in any way to be amongst freemasons. Good on you fox. No way of knowing whether it was a cunning little vixen or a young dog fox.  One thing for certain he will not be looking to join Fox Hunters Lodge No 3094 which meets in London at 10 Duke Street, St James.

It seems that we have a notion that foxes are an interloper in our urban environment. However, this is an “urban myth” and foxes have adapted to live in built up areas. If you have guinea pigs or pet rabbits you may need to keep them locked up as they are a suitable diet for our elegant looking foxes. Generally, foxes will scavenge in town areas for food in dustbins and are rat catchers in their own right.

Hopefully the Provincial Grand Secretary will be able to find a Form F for our new foxy friend.

A thanks to W. Bro Martin Burt PProvJGW for the photos.

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