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Inter Provincial Masonic collaboration at its best

All good ideas, it seems, from time immemorial have had the seeds sewn in a pub.

Support for the London Air Ambulance appeal has always been robust.  The movement gained further momentum through a charity walk organised by the Metropolitan Grand Stewards and in particular W Bro Grant Bailey PMetGStwd.  While planning the event at a public house on Great Queen Street, W. Bro Paul Sully, APGM, in conversation with a friend and one of the Metropolitan Grand Stewards, saw an opportunity for Middlesex Province’s involvement.

After discussions with RW Bro David Allan, the Pro Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex, it was clear there was a strong appetite to support this important cause, and that the Middlesex Provincial Stewards were eager to participate and join with their colleagues in London. The walk took place on Saturday June 1st.

Subsequently, requests for assistance were made to two Middlesex charities, both of which enthusiastically endorsed the appeal.  The Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF) contributed £75,000, while the Masonic Province of Middlesex Charitable Trust (MPMCT) provided £25,000.  The organisers are immensely grateful for these generous donations.

In addition to these amounts, the participants of the walk raised their own individual sponsorship amounts and at the time of completing the walk an additional £15,000 had been raised.

Not just talking the talk but WALKING THE WALK

Just before 9:00 am on Saturday 1st June, thirty-three Metropolitan and Middlesex Freemasons and their family members set off on foot from Twickenham Masonic Centre.  Their aim to walk a twenty-mile route to Freemasons’ Hall, to raise money for Metropolitan Grand Lodge’s ‘Up Against Time’ appeal.  Most of the walk was along the beautiful banks of the river Thames.

The walkers were cheerfully sent on their way by the Metropolitan Grand Master RW Bro Warren Duke and the Pro Provincial Grand Master RW Bro David Allan.

The walk was characterised by high spirits, camaraderie, and humour, culminating in their arrival at Freemasons’ Hall by 5:30 pm for a special presentation.

The Quest Realised

The walkers finally arrived at Freemasons’ Hall where they were met by RW David Allan Pro Provincial Grand Master, of Middlesex, W. Bro Stratton Richey, Chair of the London Freemasonry Charity and Jayne Clarke representing the London Air Ambulance Charity.

This successful event not only raised funds for an important cause, but also exemplified the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie between brothers. If your Lodge wishes to contribute to this worthwhile cause, donations can be made to the Provincial Events Relief Chest No E0180.

Those who took part from Middlesex were:

Paul Sully APGM, Ian Ferguson APGM, the New ProvGChStwd Alfie Buckland, Adam Camp PProvGStwd, Martin Burt PProvGStwd, Phil Cooper PProvGStwd, Matt King PProvGStwd, Jim Owens PProvGStwd, Tim Wright ProvGStwd, Gitan Parmar ProvGStwd, Kieren Back PProvGStwd, PProvGStwd  Felix Matthew-Brown PProvGStwd, Robert McLintock PProvGStwd and Matthew Eves ProvGStB.

Ed: This reminds me of my old grammar school motto “Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt” which means “through harmony small undertakings expand”.  This is a case in point and from the initial seeds sewn it has proved a most worthwhile endeavour.

Photo Credits – W. Bro Raj Patel PPrJGW– Province of Middlesex and W. Bro Daren Lewis MetAGPurs– Metropolitan Grand Lodge.


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