The Work Is At A Standstill

The Work is at a standstill

Lodge Secretaries and Chapter Scribes E will have faced the dilemma of planned meeting agendas going awry and all of a sudden there is too much “refreshment” and not enough labour. A rehearsal of ritual is always good, but the real things is better. Then there is a gap between new members applications being read and the ballot being taken.  What shall we do meantime?

This has probably happened in most of our Provincial units at one time or another and without any meaningful input it’s a long wait until festive board if the meeting is curtailed.

However, all is not lost and faced with this situation you have some options. The following information has been provided by W. Bro Andrew Farleigh SLGR SLGCR ProvGLDO (Provincial Grand Learning and Development Officer).

Middlesex Oration Scheme

“Why not consider a request for a presentation from one of the team at the Middlesex Oration Scheme? Finding an experienced speaker need no longer to be like searching for a “needle in a haystack”. Simply click online at Click Here and enter your meeting details. When you click on SUBMIT your request is automatically sent to over thirty different speakers and one is usually found for your meeting within a day or so.  Lectures usually last between 20 – 40 minutes, so are ideal to fill in any gaps in your programme!

This service and the speaker is FREE, but it is suggested that a donation to the speakers charity of choice is the right thing to do and it’s polite to ask him to remain for dinner too!

If the main activity in your next meeting is electing your next WM or a “rehearsal of a ceremony”, why not give the Middlesex Oration Scheme a try? You’ll all make a daily advancement in your Masonic Knowledge”.

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