Grease Monkey’s LOI


Members of The Lodge of Fidelity No 7974 together with W. Bro Steven Philips from Richmond Hill Lodge No 6698 had an LOI with a difference. Normally the members meet for an LOI and social every Thursday evening throughout the year, but their normal venue at Cole Court was closed for the summer months. Not to be defeated, however, one of their newest members, Entered Apprentice Brother Greg Parry, kindly offered his own garage and workshop business facility as a temporary venue for the Lodges of Instruction to continue through the summer.

The members are presently rehearsing for the Installation of the new Master W Bro Stefan Orban at their next meeting in September. Much fun was had by all when the Tyler’s sword was substituted with a 1m steel rule. Perhaps next time the square and compasses could be replaced with Allen keys and needle nose pliers, with a socket set for working tools.  The members might also be able to get their cars serviced at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

Much fun was had by all at the LOI and as always contributions of light refreshments after the meeting were available with everything from sausages on sticks to crisps and pork pies, everyone dined in peace and harmony.

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